I found a paper from 2016 where I asked myself what do I want to achieve via game development. Those are the answers I wrote:

  • Tell a personal story
  • Teach something new
  • Make people doubt
  • Experiments
  • Make the world a better place (promote peace and understanding)
  • Connect people

Those are good goals. But if I’m honest, I’m not sure I’m fully following them. Actually I follow the “Experiments” part, and sometimes I might make people think.

I realize that changing others is a tough challenge to choose.

But telling honest, authentic, personal stories, that’s something I can do, and should do.

Also, I always wanted to have a game company called PillowByte, I even kind of designed a logo/pillow-byte-person for the company: 

Pillow Byte Person

Branding is hard. For the moment I will keep using my name as my brand. But one day, when I actually have a commercial game of my own, perhaps it will return. Reclaiming terms is fun to do.