We made a small game for Ludum Dare #50
The theme was: “delay the inevitable”, so don’t expect to win 🙂
For the first time I’m trying to use Godot game engine instead of Unity.
This was a fun experience, Godot defaults are much better for a 2D pixel art game than Unity’s, and even that I didn’t use it before I could quickly and efficiently take over. Probably I will experiment with the engine in the future.

It’s nice to come back for the ludum-dare challenge, I didn’t participate since Covid-19 started, before that I failed to produce a game at my last attempt. The last successful ludum-dare I remember participating in was 2015’s ludum-dare 34, where we made the bubble space shooter game: the harder they fall. Fun times, I’m glad I got to make another.

About the game itself, there are several areas where we could have improved the gameplay, but as is common in game jams, we didn’t have the time for that. We had fun making this short game, and I hope you will have fun checking it out as well!

Control with the arrow keys/WASD