Let me share with you the story of Phantom Beasts – Redemption
An impressive 2.5D platformer shooter with beasts that provide special abilities, that is currently paused.

After my card-platformer-game was deserted due to covid situation, I found a new opportunity.
For the last year I was involved the the project Phantom Beast. I am proud to be a part of the team that developed it.

Last year I joined Ready Stead Games, an Indie studio in Yagur, Israel, the indie studio behind: Phantom Beasts, which I had the pleasure of being a part of.
During this year I got to:

  • Create different types of enemies and develop enemies behaviors
  • Write a navigating system for AI
  • Maintain and modify server and client for multiplayer game
  • Support destructible environment

We also got to support different control schemes: mouse+keyboard, controller, touch.
Added a power up that slows time.
Experiment with different weapons, environments and scenarios.
Developing a single-player campaign in parallel with multiplayer arena, and challenge rooms.

Why so much?

You might notice that the game have way too many directions in which it’s trying to go. Especially for an indie game. Usually that would indicate a red flag, but in our case that was a well thought decision. We knew our budget was limited for about one year of work, but we also wanted this game to follow a vision which one year would not allow us.

The solution?

Finding an investor that will allow us to carry our vision and assist us reaching out.
We tried to find an investor who will connect with our visuals and concept, there were some good responses but no one who made the deal. Since we knew ahead of time when we will run out of money, we decided to make a demo of our project for any direction an investor might be interested in. Therefor we have a mobile game demo, a single campaign, a multiplayer game, and so on.
The date arrived and now we are shipping our demo to different locations waiting for feedback, in the hope that we can soon continue to work on it.

Now what?

Until we’ll find further funding the game is paused. The good news is that the game is not cancelled. We all had a blast working on it and we hope to continue doing so soon.
Until then, an investment opportunity did come to our door.
The studio is now working on the game summoners royale, which was possible thanks to the display of capabilities we showed during the work on phantom beasts.

For the meanwhile if you are interested to be updated about our game, please wishlist it on steam: