Our 10 level game: Comfort Zone

NoamJam was a game jam dedicated to the memory of Noam Rozenboim who died of cancer at 23.
I didn’t know Noam, I found out about this jam through their facebook page event.

The game’s theme was “Getting Better”, I teamed up with two artists: Itamar Sarusi, Yonatan Ber. We made a short puzzle game about pushing people out of their comfort zone represented by color.
It was a fun experience, though the game is buggy due to my mistake of mixing Unity’s UI system with the sprite system in a way that was too messy to solve in the short time we had.

It’s been a while since I got to try totally new Game Jams. Reminds me of the times I tried the game jams: A game by it’s cover, or Public Domain Jam.

If you are interested in the cause, Noam’s family suggest donating to Woman’s spirit