Disco Dungeon came up with a new shiny website!
The website by  Benjamin Trigalou who is also responsible for the awesome art of the game, won the best site of the month at framer.

The initial idea for the game Disco Dungeon came to me back in 2018, By then all I had was a tiny Game Design Document. I shared my vision with the team. We worked on the concept initially for a few weeks, after which I was sure the game in is good hands and released it to the team to continue. I already wrote more on that story of the game at 2019: Match-3 RPG

For sure, the course of Disco Dungeon changed drastically in many ways. Still, it holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait for the release date.

We had so much passion to make this idea real, and while I didn’t stay to follow, that’s where I discovered how my ideas ignite a spark in people’s eyes, and that helped shaped my route since.

Disco Dungeon: Puzzle RPG Experience (Progress)