Queer Foundation is a game where you have to choose which queer initiative to fund. Made for the Wild and Proud Godot Game Jam.

The idea behind making this game was to challenge the player about queer subjects. What makes a good contribution to the LGBTQA+ community? What makes a person Queer? This is why you can not approve all of the initiatives, each initiative have pros and cons and the player must choose the ones they think are the best opportunities. Some inspiration was taken from Papers Please.

The art was made using Procreate, and it took 80% of the time invested in this project. I’m very glad I put the effort, I can tell those cute creatures look better than my previous attempt at art. The collection is now available at opengameart.org if you want to check it out.

I’m very glad I got to add another queer creation to my portfolio. In 2019 I discussed how I would love to take a more honest and personal approach to game development, it’s like it was a different world back than. It is still something I want to experiment more with.

Thank you for reading so far, come check the game in itch.io, i would love to get your feedback on it!