While I always loved working on Games with purpose (e.g escape-the-bus), TodoBot is my biggest project with that focus.

For the past half year I moved to Yeruham for a project called MindCETeX.
In this project we learned about educational technologies and had to make our own prototype of a product.
Maor Halevi and me chose to build a personal trainer chatbot for kids. It will give kids the tools for independent studying and time management. During the conversation the app will get to know the student and their needs, so it can help them manage their time, set personal goals together, set a schedule according to their studying needs and habits, follow it.
It was fascinating product to design and produce and you can try it on own new website (This is a Hebrew product)

Responses to this product amazed us, even when the product was at an early alpha stage kids loved it and wouldn’t take it off of their hands.
We realized that kids today are yearning for help in the learning area, and they are willing to open up to application that might help them and connect with them.