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For Global Game Jam 2023 I partnered with:
Oren De-Panther Weizman – experienced unity developer who cooperated with me in the past on an attempt to create a serious game for GGJ 2015: Escape the bus
Noa Lahav – teacher in her past one of the most dominant people in the field of educational games today. We cooperated on a game for the Ed Tech Innovation Center. She also got me involved in another special project, more on that in the future.
Alon Kaplan – wizard musician who cooperated with me and with so many others.

It’s been the first physical game jam I joined since Covid. And even that I had a tight schedule, it was worth it to get to see some of my colleagues in the industry.

The theme of the jam was: Roots.
Our development challenge was mostly technical, to make the game support multiplayer, supporting mobile, web, and VR.
It was more of a toy than a game, where you move cubes around.
In the first level your goal was to order the cubes to arrange a family tree correctly, and on the second level to create the shape of a root sign.