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A stealth puzzle game based on historical events. This was one hell of an adventure to make and one that we might come back to.

As mentioned in the last ludum dare: Hermesh, our team became solid then.
The theme this time was: Delivery.

The “Night Witches” were a female military unit of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Forces during World War II. They earned their nickname because they would cut the engines of their aircraft and glide towards their targets under the cover of darkness, making it hard for the Germans to hear them coming. The stealthy, whooshing noise they made was said to sound like a sweeping broom, which reminded the Germans of witches flying on broomsticks.

We took inspiration from those incredibly brave and skilled women. In our game, you have to glide an aircraft to your target and bomb it without being detected. Even though this is a “stealth” game, in that you have to carefully not get discovered, the short levels and tight level design make give it a puzzle-like feel. We decided to try and combine the genres, let us know how does this combination works for you!