Meet: Brainy

Brainy is a sketch for an enemy character I made for a game I’m working on.
For now it seems like it will not be used for that particular game.


Brainy at

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Living Person: Niels Bohr: “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”
Living Person: Herbert Alexander Simon – Robot Predictions
Living Person: Asimov – Frankenstein complex, Laws of robotics
Story: R.U.R – a 1920 Czech science fiction play
Comics: XKCD
Comics: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Comics: Optipess
Episode: Dexter’s Lab – Hamhocks and Armlocks
Episode: Star Trek – Redemption part II
Episode: Futurama – Mother’s Day
TV Show: Black Mirror
TV Show: Real Humans (Äkta människor)
Movie: The Terminator
Movie: A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Movie: Short Circuit
Movie: The Matrix
Movie: Space Odyssey
Movie: I, Robot
Movie: Robocop
Movie: Wall-e
Movie: Transformers
Movie: App the movie
Chatbot: ELIZA
Chatbot: Cleverbot
Chatbot: Eugene Goostman
Chatbot: Bildgesmyth the dragon
Technology: Deep Blue Chess Computer
Technology: Unmanned aerial vehicle
Technology: Watson Jeopardy Computer
Technology: HBF – The human brain project
Technology: Google driverless car
Technology: Hiroshi Ishiguro – human looking robots
Technology: Nintendo R.O.B.
Technology: da Vinci Surgical System
Technology: Stuxnet
Technology: Self printing printer
Technology: Reading Brain Waves
Technology: Mars Exploration
Technology: Arduino
Technology: Lego Robots

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